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The band WELICORUSS was founded in Russia in 2005. By 2007, they’ve stabilized their line-up and moved from pure black metal to symphonies and pagan metal. The turning point of this band’s history came in 2008, when WELICORUSS released their debut album Wintermoon Symphony, which at first appeared in Russia and later also in Europe and the USA. In that same year, the band took part in a tour across Russia and played at the MHM Festival, standing alongside Moonspell or Gorgoroth. The successful year, during which the band set off towards fame, was wrapped up with the creation of two official videos. The following years were in the spirit of many more concerts, mostly in Russia, and WELICORUSS released their second album Apeiron. In the present, the band is working on their third record and a DVD, displaying experiences from the band’s life and from their shows. Furthermore, the metal bunch is bringing the mystical atmosphere of northern Russia into the heart of Europe, where they currently reside, officially becoming a Czech-Russian formation.


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