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This adjective aptly depicts the nature of the work of THERION, who never chicken out of a challenge, using various methods and motives in their music. Just in the last year, the band worked on two exceptional projects. The first one was an involvement in the making of 011, a board game, for which THERION also recorded a short propagation film. The second long-term project is a metal and rock opera, for which the band is preparing music and which is likely to be made into a film. With this opera, working title Superstar Antichrist, the band also set off on a tour in 2013, to find out live how well it would be received by the audience. You might think that this schedule would keep them fully occupied but dont let it fool you, THERION are also preparing a new album for 2014. If you dont like to wait, you can treat yourself on February 21 st, which is the release date of a luxury collectors edition of the album „Theli” from 1996, with additional content in the form of bonus songs, guests and a DVD from a live performance of the album. Another item to come out in February is a triple DVD  »Adulruna Redivia And Beyond«, with recordings of shows in Atlanta in 2011 and Budapest in 2007, and the third DVD contains bonus material about 011 the board game and an episode of a Japanese TV programme about Thomas Vikström (the singer of THERION).
re very pleased to welcome this band, which is often referred to as a “musical organism” by the media, as one of the headliners of MADE OF METAL 2014! Dont miss the opportunity to see the thrilling live show of this Swedish band, whose activity started all the way back in 1987 and moved from classic death metal to an epic use of orchestral elements and choirs, rightfully regarded as the founders of symphonic metal.

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