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A strong new power in German metal with a lot to offer

Thats how the magazine Rock Hard Germany describes the band ORDEN OGAN. This band masterfully blends traditional power metal with elements of modern styles, folk, progressive or gothic metal. A proof can be found in the album Easten Hope from 2010. This record was very well received by critics and the reviewers agree that it is certainly a complex piece that will not bore you, where you can notice inspiration by Running Wild or Blind Guardian. The first and second record of ORDEN OGAN were also praised by critics for their freshness and their own style, which mixes tradition with modern and aggressive guitar riffs and choral vocals. Their latest album came out in 2012 and it rose to the first spot of the official German music charts, surpassing, among others, Manowar. Recordings arent the only strength of this band, however, as proven by their participation in numerous festivals, including Wacken Open Air and a tour with Rhapsody and Freedom Call.


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