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The beginnings of the band NEUTRAL are dated to 2004, but their line-up hadn’t stabilized until 2009. Two years later, the band’s debut album titled Brána Osudů (Gate of Destinies) was released. Aleš Brichta became the godfather of the album, and it was positively received by fans and critics alike. The band was actively giving shows and appeared alongside Czech bands like Arakain, Kreyson, Harlej and Alkehol. Over the time of their existence, NEUTRAL have built a significant fanbase, as proven by their win in the voting contest Rockmax12. To mention their most important performances - they participated in Czech festivals and played with the British band Magnum. In the summer of 2014, the band recorded a new single, which slightly deviates from their power-speed metal focus, however it was just as well received. Last year, the band played 40 shows and is preparing material for a new album.

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