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Next year the festival will take place 14. - 16. 8. 2015! So be sure to have a time and don't forget to report your vacation.


We have to apologize that we underestimated the number of our loyal fans. Fan ticket serie "666", which we put up for sale in the morning, was gone within the hour for which we really thank you all and at the same time we can’t wait for the announcements of bands to faithfulness a little bit back. However, here is a lot of messages, emails and SMS messages from our fans, who couldn’t be on-line at 8:00, we decided to publish another 100 pieces from the "666" edition! The ticket price will be for a three-day pass is (as well as in the morning) 666 CZK (24,9 ), the sale begins today 1.9. at 20:00. So who was left in the morning, don’t miss it tonight! \m/o\m/

Huge thanks to all the fans and bands who joined forces to create an amazing and unforgettable atmosphere at MOM 2014. Same goes to our external collaborators and partners - without their help, the festival Made of Metal never would
ve existed. We love you deeply and we love metal music just as much. Hopefully it was apparent at the first instalment of MOM. Its not at all the end for MADE OF METAL, it will march on strengthened by your trust and your enthusiasm. We know theres room for improvement and we look forward to doing so. We wish to keep making MOM better alongside you and we believe that together we will create a festival known not for its size, but for its friendliness and atmosphere. Thank you all once more and well look forward to seeing you again in a year at MOM 2015!


Were honoured to present you the headliner! The band THERION will arrive at MOM 2014 to turn in an epic show, dragging its listeners to a world of mythology, magic and occultism with the sound of imposing symphonic orchestrations and choirs. This Swedish band, who already celebrated its 25 th anniversary in the world of metal music, is not only the rightful founder of symphonic metal, but also an actual musical organism, accepting new challenges in their musical production and taking part in many exceptional projects. Dont miss the opportunity to see the thrilling live show of THERION at MOM 2014!

The band we're looking forward to is ENSIFERUM. This Finnish folk-metal band ranks among the world’s best in its genre and they’re also seasoned bards of large-scale festivals. We’re very pleased with the fact that they will also visit MADE OF METAL 2014.

Get ready for an epic ride with LUCA TURILLIS RHAPSODY, who will appear at MADE OF METAL 2014 as one of the headliners. Were proud to officially present this Italian band, whose music is fittingly called cinematic metal. Aside from standard power metal practices, their songs contain pompous orchestras and choirs. The band itself claims to be cooking up a visual experience to go with the musical one. You can look forward to a masterful show filled with special effects, taking you to a whole another world.

We’re glad that everyone’s looking forward to the announcement of another large band for MADE OF METAL 2014, so today we’re confirming one very large band in remarkableness, number of fans, as well as number of musicians on stage! We’re honored to welcome the German band HAGGARD, who accepted our invitation and are looking forward to their return to the Czech Republic. In their music, HAGGARD combine traditional rock instruments with epic orchestrations, death metal and opera vocals – all that with energy that managed to carry away the audiences at Wacken Open Air and this year’s 70000 Tons of Metal in Miami. Don’t waver, come enjoy this epic metal orchestra, bringing you stories of good and evil in the fantasy world of Ithiria, at MOM 2014.

Here it comes, the last band for this year’s MADE OF METAL. Let’s welcome the Norwegian band SIRENIA, which was created in 2001 by Morten Veland. After more than 10 years on the scene, they’ve got 6 albums under their belt, positive reviews from all over the world and top spots in European musical charts. Aside from tours, the band took part in many large-scale European festivals. We’re sure you won’t miss these amazing symphonics led by the beautiful singer Ailyn.

We’re honoured to present another big name for MADE OF METAL 2014! Be warned, even just reading this band’s name might evoke a desire for a beer and a craving to set sail to sea. We hereby officially confirm ALESTORM – sea wolves who are coming to MOM 2014 to present their new record, set to release in summer. Aside from a true pirate power/folk metal music, this Scottish band promises a wild show which made them famous all over the world.

The next confirmed band is the Swedish AMARANTHE. You can look forward to seeing the sympathetic singer Elize Ryd, who has been featured on the single Sacrimony (Angel Of Afterlife) with the band Kamelot. She has also joined them in a music video, bringing the group to the attention of many fans.

The LEAVES' EYES, a Nordic-German band, coming back to the Czech Republic to present their new work Symphonies of the Night. This album, the band's fifth, came out in fall 2013 and was very well received by critics and fans for its richness in musical themes and arrangements. Let them immerse you in stories of brave heroines of days long gone, told by Liv Kristine at MOM 2014.

Ancient Bards at Made Of Metal 2014
MADE OF METAL 2014 - Thanks from LEAVES' EYES

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