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A band with over 20 musicians on stage interconnecting metal with classical music can only be labeled as an orchestra. You can see the quality of this formation named HAGGARD for yourself at MADE OF METAL 2014.
HAGGARD was founded in 1991 as a death metal band, after the release of their demo, their direction was enhanced by symphonic melodies and classical instruments. HAGGARD’s breakthrough into the musical world came in 1997 with their first record. After three years, another record, Awaking the Centuries, was released. It ranked among the best albums of the year and opened up a way to South America for the band. The third released piece of work by this group, whose music is described as doom, death, progressive, symphonic, or classical metal, came out in 2004 and garnered a considerable amount of praise from reviewers. After worldly themes (the lives of Nostradamus, Copernicus or Galileo Galilei), Asis Nasseri, the singer, guitarist and main composer and lyricist of HAGGARD, decided to start exploring the world of fantasy in his work. This led to the release of Tales of Ithiria in 2008, a masterpiece telling stories about the thin line between good and bad, and about the fight with the darkness in the fantasy world of Ithiria. This album was declared the best record of atmospheric and symphonic metal in 2008 by the Metal Storm portal. No surprise, seeing as these songs presented the perfect unity of majestic orchestrations with traditional rock instruments and techniques. Interestingly, the album featured the voice of the drummer Mike Terrana.
HAGGARD are not only creators of excellent and interesting music, but they also bring an energetic live show, as proven (aside from their own shows) at the Wacken Open Air festival, Global East Rock Festival or this year’s 70000 Tons Of Metal. We’re very excited that HAGGARD accepted our invitation to MADE OF METAL 2014 and we’re hoping that you’re looking forward to them at least as much as they are to you!


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