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The spot of the MADE OF METAL 2015 main headliner will be held by the Dutch EPICA. The band’s beginnings date back to 2003, when it was established by Mark Jansen. The name EPICA came from the title of an album of the same name by the American band Kamelot. EPICA’s own debut album The Phantom Agony was released by the end of the same year. In their beginnings, Epica was largely influenced by the aforementioned Kamelot – the bands joined forces to set offon a tour across Europe and North America, and Roy Khan (Kamelot lead singer at the time) was featured on Epica’s second album Consign to Oblivion. After releasing their third album in 2007, Epica went on a tour of its own. This period meant a breakthrough in the band’s career, when the fourth record from 2009 was received even better than the previous albums, Epica’s popularity rocketed and the band has claimed the hearts of fans and media all over the world. Requiem for the Indifferent, the CD from 2012, brought not only lyrics full of philosophical thoughts, e.g. on religion, different cultures and the threat of natural disasters, but also a new approach towards their music, noticeably cutting down on growling and introducing more imaginative guitar solos and progressive elements. This album has received high ratings, and by 2013, Epica was celebratingits 10th birthday already as one of the most influential symphonic bands in the world. At MOM 2015, Epica will show off their latest album The Quantum Enigma. According to the band, it’s their most collaborative team project thus far, and it was recorded in a different studio from its predecessors, enabling new possibilities in capturing and processing the recordings. We’re holding our breath for this squad, which is to be the headliner of a Czech festival for the very first time with a spectacular and unique show that no fan of theirs should miss!


Epica - Natural Corruption
EPICA - Victims of Contingency
EPICA - Storm The Sorrow
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