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The foundations of the Swedish band DRACONIAN were laid down in 1994, and in just under two years, their first demo was released. Near the turn of the millennium, DRACONIAN started recording their first album, the first record The Closed Eye of Paradise came out, after sorting out some technical problems, in 2000. The band started putting on gigs and making new unique music, with a slower and darker feel. In 2002, another demo was released, featuring Lisa Johansson, earning excellent review scores. This demo has led to a contract with the recording studio Napalm Records and the release of their true debut album Where Lovers Mourn. The following years were all about playing live and releasing records. DRACONIAN adopted a specific style of music, interconnecting doom metal and gothic metal with a female vocal. The band reached its highest point in 2011, when they released their best album so far, A Rose for the Apocalypse. In the same year, however, a twist affected the bands further actions Lisa the singer left DRACONIAN. Nonetheless, the band accepted this incident as a challenge, and a year later, they announced that they had found a new singer Heike Langhans, who fits into the band perfectly. Now, after almost four years, the band is returning to the scene and preparing a new record, which will be presented at MOM 2015 for the first time in the Czech Republic! Join us in looking forward to this band and give DRACONIAN a warm welcome in August in Hodonín!


DRACONIAN - The Last Hour of Ancient Sunlight
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