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The band DESDEMONA was established in 1996, their first album came out in 2000, when this record was released not only in Europe, but also in Japan. In the same year, a new female singer joined the band and DESDEMONA became a popular representative of Polish gothic metal. In 2003, the band brought another CD to life and the song XI IX climbed to the top of the chart of the TV programme VIVA ROCK. A breakthrough in the band’s style came a year later, when the album VERSION 3.0 came out, with a sound full of electronic and industrial elements. This musical experiment was very well received by critics and fans, and DESDEMONA became the supporting act of Tiamat and Pain. After more successful gigs, participation at festivals and the release of a DVD, a change in the lead singer spot came in 2008. Agata was replaced by the current singer Agnieszka, who, despite her tenderness, found love in music not unlike the rugged Rammstein. In the present, the band is putting on shows and is very popular, especially in their Polish homeland. In 2012, the last record thus far came out, named Endorphins, receiving high ratings all over the world and rising to the top ranks of Polish musical charts. We’re looking forward to seeing these representatives of the alternative metal styles at MOM 2014!

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