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The Hungarian folkmetal Dalriada is no new flickering star in the notional musical sky. By the end of last year, they've celebrated the 10th year of their activity and they can pride themselves in giving many successful shows over the time and building a very sizeable fanbase in their homeland of Hungary and beyond. The band was originally formed under the name Echoes of Dalriada, it got its current name in 2006. The band tries to interconnect Hungarian people's music with metal. The link is substantially strengthened by the singer Laura Binder, capable of singing both classic vocals and growls.

The themes of Dalriada's songs originate from Hungarian traditions and history. For instance, the record Arany-Album from 2009 is conceptually focused on the work and life of a Hungarian poet and translator from the 19th century, János Arany. This album has even received the "HangSúly Hungarian Metal Awards" prize, fighting its way through 70 contestants. Dalriada's songs celebrate Hajduks, the Hungarian national freedom figters of the 16th and 18th century, other songs are about Attila or Hunyadi, for example. The band recorded 7 albums and 7 music videos in total, several times making the Top Ten of the music magazine Mahasz-lista. They took part in most bigger Hungarian festivals and in their tours they've visited Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Poland and Ukraine. The last opportunity we had to see them here in the Czech Republic was in 2012 accompanied by Arkona, Crudalach and SSOGE. Don't miss this original mix of Hungarian folklore and metal at MOM 2014.


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