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In 2008 a bunch of experienced musicians met up, leading to the birth of BRAINSCAN. Their shared views on music and aims led to quick production, as the band started giving shows and released their first EP in the first year. A year later, BRAINSCAN’s promo CD came out. They set off to clubs as well as the first festivals of Slovakia and Czech Republic. Their journey carried on in the same spirit until the release of their debut album in 2011, which opened up the way to bigger festivals – i.e. Rock for People, Basinfire fest or Gothoom open air fest. In 2012, the band presented their new album in a more significant manner in the Czech Republic. Over the time of their existence, this alternative-metal band stood on stages with Megadeth, Offspring, Arakain, Alkehol and Čechomor. At MADE OF METAL 2014, BRAINSCAN will show off their most recent record from 2013, Reflection.

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